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nhuquynh_1 -> Chu de GIONG NHAC TU CONG PHUNG (8/5/2003 12:32:23 AM)

Thay Thuy Nga da thuc hien nhieu tac pham duoc nhieu khan gia yeu nhac men mo, nhat la nhung nhac pham cua Pham Duy, Lam Phuong, Duc Huy..v.v... Noi ra thi nhieu lam, minh thay nhac cua Tu Cong Phung rat de di vao long nguoi, khuyen Thuy Nga nen xet lai, cam on.

Dong Phuong -> RE: Chu de GIONG NHAC TU CONG PHUNG (8/5/2003 3:06:21 AM)

Nhac si "Tu Cong Phung" was one of the 3 composers that they did in PBN64.

WiTHOuTaSoL -> RE: Chu de GIONG NHAC TU CONG PHUNG (8/6/2003 12:17:32 AM)

they should do Lu Lien

christophe -> RE: Chu de GIONG NHAC TU CONG PHUNG (8/6/2003 11:26:20 AM)

Chamber music is a kind of music that only true music lover can see its elegance and timeless beauty. Hardly people accept this, by judging that someone tries to show himsefl "better" than the others, but the worse selling number of PBN64 has proved that it´s true.

In my opinion PBN64 is the most elegant video that Thuy Nga ever released in their history, both in look and musical value. It is the video that we can proudly show to Western people the classy touch and beauty of Vietnamese music. The songs arrangement were very good in the video, in many places we could hear the sign of classic music (Mùa thu mây ngàn, Giọt lệ cho ngàn sau, Nhạt nhòa, Trên tháng ngày đã qua), or a gentle touch of blues and jazz (Một chiều đông, Bài không tên số 6), or the sound of a classic symphony (Tình khúc thứ nhất). Good job, TN !

Thuy Nga has repeated this elegance in PBN66, especially in the part of Ngo Thuy Mien´s songs. The stage is simple but very elegant and beautiful. Also some songs of Trần Trịnh/Nhật Ngân had the classy/jazz touch like "Tôi đưa em sang sông", "Tiếng hát nửa vời", "Lời đắng cho một cuộc tình" and "Một mai giã từ vũ khí". With a lot of "quê hương" songs from Trịnh Lâm Ngân, PBN66 was more "friendly" to the majority of Vietnamese music listeners, and that´s why the video sold better than PBN64.

HoaThuan -> RE: Chu de GIONG NHAC TU CONG PHUNG (8/6/2003 11:33:55 AM)

As a matter of fact, ThuyNga only passed out fliers for the PBN 64 taping show on the day PBN 63 was being taped - that was Saturday. I myself bought tickets on the following Monday; by that time many good seats had been purchased. Right before the show began, tickets were still on high demand at the Knott's Berry Farm theater. The show wasn't a sellout, but attracting an audience of about 1500-1600 people on a Wednesday taping thi'nh pho`ng show with less than a week of advertising was an awfully fantastic job that TN did.

To me PBN 64 "-De^m Va(n Nghe^. Thi'nh Pho`ng" was the video with the best music quality & the best overall song selection in 2002!!!

christophe -> RE: Chu de GIONG NHAC TU CONG PHUNG (8/6/2003 11:45:04 AM)

I can see a lot of adults/elders among the audience of PBN64. It´s good to see beautiful and timeless music still attracted so many people ! [:)]

Dong Phuong -> RE: Chu de GIONG NHAC TU CONG PHUNG (8/6/2003 11:52:55 AM)

Another thing that interested me for some reasons is when I went back to Vietnam right after PBN64 was released, I was at my relative's house and when we turned on PBN64 video (copied version of course), everyone in my family & a lot of our neighbors really enjoy it! We sit and talk about the songs, especially when it comes to Vu Thanh An part since you know "Khong Ten" songs are quite popular.

Back to PBN64, I still think that they seemed to rush the video a little cuz I personally thought that some arrangements of some songs and the way the video goes could've done better. But I also agree (personally) that it's one of the most valuable videos in terms of musical value that Thuy Nga has produced. It's indeed sad to hear that PBN64 wasn't selling well, but still happy to see that there are many others that enjoy the video as well. [:)]

PBN66 was good too, I enjoy all the songs by Ngo Thuy Mien, songs by Tran Trinh like "Tieng Hat Nua Voi" & "Le Da", Nhat Ngan's "Toi Dua Em Sang Song" (though don't like the arrangement for this song much)...and they have some great que huong songs too in that video.

Lina -> RE: Chu de GIONG NHAC TU CONG PHUNG (8/6/2003 12:30:05 PM)

LIke many of you posted here, I too did enjoy "PBN64 & 66" very much...PBN64 seems rushed, but it's pretty good with alot of good arrangments by Tung Chau & the the VIOLIN in those songs...
PBN66, IMO was an enhanced version of PBN64, mostly do the elegant stage settings , like you guys mentioned with its simple yet with quality settings...diamond chandlier, rays of white lights, water falling) ..though some of the song seletions could have been better....overall these 2 videos are well-worth-collecting [:)]
Some of the nhac si, i thought had amples of songs that TN could have made 1 full video about their music (VTA,TCP,NTM)...instead of combining...

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