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vietmusik -> Ca si Vietnam (3/18/2004 9:21:15 PM)

Hi cac ban,

Minh cu thac mac... hong phai muon dinh vo may vu ve politic nhung ma hinh nhu Thuy Nga luc nay ua dung ca si va nhac o Viet Nam qua. Giong nhu Bang Kieu, Thuy Tien hay Nhat Trung, may ca si nay het lam an duoc o Viet nam roi thi qua day lam an nguoi minh ben nay. Vay ma minh lai welcome nhu la some thing so new. Cac ban nghi sao?

musiccritic -> RE: Ca si Vietnam (3/19/2004 10:33:33 AM)

Nhung nguoi nay la nhung nguoi very talented artists and I'm glad Thuy Nga is inviting them. How many singers can actually write and sing their own songs? Not too many I don't think! Thuy Nga appreciates good talents and that's what making them number 1. Just watch Asia video nowadays and you'll find that most of their singers don't even sing Vietnamese.

SiMeViTinh -> RE: Ca si Vietnam (3/19/2004 2:17:24 PM)

Thuy Nga appreciates good talents and that's what making them number 1.

Who or whom was it that comes up with this result that "TN is #1?" Unlike the American music industry, there are judges, agencies, awards (American Music Awards) to officially and correctly rate who is #1 and who is not. I am not here to criticize TN because I am also a fan, and I have no doubt that TTTN is pretty "high" up there, but I DO NOT consider one is #1 until it is actually proven. I only speak realistically. Until our community has some kind of organization where the listener can be involved in the judging process and a winner is resulted from such organization is #1, then it can be consider as #1. Just because one is attending college does not necessary means that one is a college graduate!

Just watch Asia video nowadays and you'll find that most of their singers don't even sing Vietnamese.

I also don't think the above statement is fair because although Asia do have more singers who do sing either English songs or mixed English & Vietnamese than TTTN, but they still predominantly have Vietnamese songs sung by Viet artists. Although both Asia and TN are in the similar industry, but they have a different markets. TN products are more for the elderly generation and Asia products are for younger generation. I have a niece who is 11, speaks no Vietnamese because she was born here, but she loves to hear Trish. Now, Trish is NOT really a fan of mine but I have to respect that if Asia CAN'T sells their products, they would be out of business by now.

Once again, I feel the comparison between Asia and TN is like apples and oranges, although both are fruits (same industry). [:)]


vietmusik -> RE: Ca si Vietnam (3/19/2004 2:25:16 PM)

Cac ban noi cung dung. Chi la minh thay khi nay Thuy Nga bo roi may nguoi ca si hoi truoc de muon may nguoi moi chi vi chay theo am nhac ben Viet nam.

embeyeu -> RE: Ca si Vietnam (3/20/2004 7:17:45 PM)

kt kho^ng ddo^`ng y' vo*'i vietmusick cho la('m. kho^ng pha?i PNB bo? ro*i mo^.t ca si~ na`o ca? ma` chi? la` nhu*~ng ca si~ kia vi` ba^.n co^ng vie^.c ne^n ddu*a nhu*~ng ca si~ kha'c va`o (cha)?ng le~ kho^ng muo^'n cho nhu*~ng ca si~ kha'c mo^.t co* ho^.i dda~ ho. tri`nh die^~n sao?). PBN, Asia... cu~ng go.i la` mo^.t la`ng a^m nha.c Vie^.tnam. Ho. cu~ng ha't nha.c que^ hu*o*ng...y' cu?a vietmusik cha.y theo a^m nha.c Vie^.tnam la` y' nghi~a gi`? Kho^ng pha?i kt co' y' gi` nhu*ng ma` kt tha^'y la`m va^.y la` dda'nh gia' PBN ro^`i.

be_huyvu -> RE: Ca si Vietnam (3/20/2004 8:55:05 PM)

uhm, THuy Tien, Bang Kieu khong co phai nhu vay!!!
FOR ME< tui chi thay nhung nguoi khong co`N da^'t die^~n o Viet Nam moi cha.y qua be^n Mi~ na`y la Huy Mc, Thu Phuong, Tra^`n Thu Ha`,My~ Linh do`m thay ghe't! Di Mi~ lay visa du lic.h, khong co' minh gi` het, qua da^y lo di show kie^'m tie^`n chu la`m ca'i gi`!!! thiet ti`nh

muathu -> RE: Ca si Vietnam (3/20/2004 9:53:41 PM)

O Canada chi co 1 so it biet cac ca si VN thoi, nhu toi neu khong vo day , toi chang biet Bang Kieu , Thu Ha, Thu Phuong ai ca???? Vo tinh nghe duoc may nguoi nay hat ve nhung bai hat ma toi da nghe qua do ca si ben day hat, toi thay sao ca si VN hay "het" , hay REn, mac dau giong ho that manh, nhung lam cho thay "choi" cai lo tai cua toi qua. Khong phai tat ca nhung nguoi ca si o VN deu nhu vay, toi chi noi nhung nguoi noi tieng o VN thoi, hoac nhay nhu "dien",,,,????Why??? toc tai cung ky cuc khong nhu nhung ca si o ben nay, toi khong hieu???
Neu may ca si VN qua Canada chua chac ve ban du de tra chi phi tien muon studio!!!! Toi rat mung vi o ben nay khong co van de ca si VN nhu ben Cali! Thank God!

minh12 -> RE: Ca si Vietnam (3/20/2004 11:53:54 PM)

Toi o VN day, tuy la giong ca cua nhung ca si do duoc VN yeu thich nhung co le ho cung dang sap chim vao quen lang roi, bay gio ca si moi o day nhieu nhu thoc vay do , ma dan Vn o day nghe nhac chu yeu la nghe theo phong trao, nghe cai gi moi moi chut la nghe roi quen luon(forget). Chi co co ca sy MY TAm la tuy lau nhung ton tai duoc lau ma thoi, nhung cung chua noi het duoc.

bbluecherry -> RE: Ca si Vietnam (3/23/2004 6:32:27 PM)

The person who commented that singer from VN can't make a living from singing anymore that''s why they're here to sing on TN... I would say you should think 7 times b4 you make that comment. The sing from Vn eg. like Bang Kieu... is here on TN b'coz he is wat you call a real singer... so no matter where he is in this world he still can make a living by he talent, b'coz it is true talent. Also u should check u fact... that a sing like BK can make more singing in VN then here.. the reason y he is here, is due to he marriage to his wife here...Just like may singer from VN (Expect for MINH TUYET shes here coz if she stay in Vn she can't compet. with her sister CAM LY who sings way much better)[}:)]

metracy -> RE: Ca si Vietnam (3/23/2004 7:37:16 PM)

Hey "bblueberry", I can't believe u said Cam Ly sing way better than "Minh Tuyet". I believe for fact that Cam Ly can not be compared to Minh Tuyet's voice at all (not even .oooooo1%). Although I am not a fan of Minh Tuyet, I have to admit that she has a very impressive voice. To me, Cam Ly is the worst singer.

thukhoa -> RE: Ca si Vietnam (3/28/2004 11:27:37 PM)

vietmusik, do you have a problem with singers from VN? What's wrong with them? They're just try to make their livings and fit in the community. You seem to against them from your posted messages. It would make our world nicer and safer if we try to learn to live and love others.

SugarBabe -> RE: Ca si Vietnam (3/29/2004 12:11:05 PM)

I agree majority of singers over here don't even know how to read musical notes. And plus...I HARDLY see singers here write their own music. I can see it can really base on looks, but at least have some talents. I have to disagree that Cam Ly's voice better than Minh Tuyet's. I can honestly say that she's one of the singers I can really consider "can sing".

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