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NhuLoanFan4Eva -> Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/21/2005 10:35:52 AM)

Nhu Loan did the opening song with Loan Chau and Ho Le Thu!!! And another duet with Tran Thai Hoa...I always wanted NL and TTH to sing together so I can't wait to see it! A lot of the singers got three performances so I hope Nhu Loan had an extra performance during the night show...

These were reviews of the day show:
Originally posted by Ong Tam

Sorry khong nho het ten bai nhac nhung dai khai ca si hat chung voi nhau trong show "Dreams" hay "Mo*". Hau het la song ca, tam ca, tu ca va hop ca.
1-Nhu Loan, Loan Chau va Ho Le Thu mo man cung voi dancers.
2-Ngoc Ha - Tran Thai Hoa.
3-Khanh Ly- Tuan Ngoc lien khuc TCS.
4-Phuong Hong Que - Thai Chau.
5-Che Linh- Truong Vu: Thuong Han. Interview
6-Linda Trang Dai - Tommy Ngo cung dancers.
7-Ho Le Thu - The Son va dancers.
8-Ngoc Ha - Quang Le
9-Bang Kieu - Minh Tuyet.
10-The Son- Ngoc Lien
11-Bang Kieu- Tuan Ngoc- Thai Chau- Nhat Trung va Nguyen Ngoc Ngan.
12-Bang Kieu- Khanh Ha. Khanh Ha hat loi Phap, BK hat loi Viet.
13-Nhu Quynh- Tam Doan cung voi dancers trich theo truyen "Thanh xa Bach xa"
14-Nhu Quynh- Manh Quynh. Interview NQ va MQ sau do hai ca si hat mot cau vong co trong DVD "Nua doi huong phan" sap phat hanh.
15-Thuy Tien - Luong Tung Quang
16-Tu Quyen - Luong tung Quang va dancers
17-Huong Thuy - Ngoc Dan Thanh : vong co
18-Van Quynh - Adam Ho: Sweet Dreams cung voi dancers
19-Bao Han - Loan Chau va dancers, san khau sac so voi mau do vi ca si va vu cong mac ao dai theo kieu Trung Hoa mau do xach long den do.
20-Duong Trieu Vu - Minh Tuyet.
21-Nguyen Hung - Thuy Van : "Han doi doi gian" cung voi dancers.
22-Nguyen Hung - Luu Bich va dancers.
23-Tran Thai Hoa - Nhu Loan va dancers.
24-Kich: Hoai Linh, Chi Tai, Be Kevin Khoa : Thay phap Tran Phieu Dieu
25-Tommy Ngo, Duong trieu Vu, Luong tung Quang, Ho Le Thu, Tam Doan, Bao Han, Linda Trang Dai, Tu Quyen ending show.
Giua show phan MC noi chuyen co Chi Tai ra ke chuyen "vui", Hoai Linh va Kieu Linh.
Neu quy vi nao co di coi toi hom qua please bo tuc ten bai hat va thu tu dum, ongtam tui chi nho co bay nhieu do thoi vi show hay qua nen coi ma quen ghi xuong ten ban nhac. Thanks.
Show start luc 1:30 va cham dut 6:15 thanh cong my man. Lan nay khong co superman nhay lau nua.

Originally posted by puppyLo16

I just got home from the show. I know I went to the day show but my family went out to eat and visit our relatives in the city after the show was over. It was great! Loan Chau,Nhu Loan, Ho Le Thu opened the show. I don't really know the exact performances but I'll list the singers: LTQ sang with Tu Quyen and then later with Thuy Tien, Minh Tuyet sang with DTV and later Bang Kieu, Nguyen Hung sang with Thuy Van from his dvd and then he later sang with Luu Bich, Khanh Ha sang with Bang Kieu (he sang in vietnamese and she sang in french)Nhu Quynh sang with Tam Doan and then with Manh Quynh, Loan Chau sang with Bao Han. There were so many singers, so I forget the rest. The finale was a brady bunch performance with Minh Tuyet, Bao Han, Lynda Tran Dai, Tam Doan, Tommy Ngo, DTV, LTQ. I thought it was cute and catchy. Then the singers went out for the end of the show, Adam was about to leave with the rest of the singers when a fan called his name and ask if she can the glow sticks that was used in Lynda Tran Dai and Tommy Ngo's performance and he gave it to her just like that, oh yeah their performance was called "Yeu Ma Chi" (I think it's spelled right) I remember cuz they spelled it out with the glow sticks. There's a lot of surprises in the show like Nguyen Ngoc Ngan sang a little bit. A short movie featuring Nguyen Ngoc NGan's son! this show is so good, I can't wait till the dvd comes out. Oh I let the other members provide a detailed review because I can't write one good enough. This is just the start, there would be other reviews that are more better than this

NhuLoanFan4Eva -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/21/2005 1:30:58 PM)

Too bad Nhu Loan wasn't part of the ending song because from the reviews, that performance seemed really fun and exciting...

When this DVD releases, I hope ThuyNga will ad a MTV of Nhu Loan and Bao Han, so they can release a DVD together[:)] I HOPE SO!
Originally posted by holethulover

well i did go but not much review and i didn;t remember the songs but here is the list

1. A great performance by Ho Le Thu , Nhu Loan , and Loan Chau.
First part of the song there was a dancer she was really good and it was set like a dream. she woke up and the female dancers were like plants and they started to dance then later the male dancers came out and then 3 beautiful singers came hanging down from this loop thing. Nhu Loan was on the left i forgot wat color she wore then in the middle was Loan Chau i forgot what she wore too and the righ twas Ho Le Thu she wore green with some sort of shirt and a pant like skirt thing i think. it was a great opening no dissapointment. i gave this opening an A+++

2. The second song song was sang by Minh Tuyet and DTV.
Minh Tuyet wore a White short shirt and Jeans and DTV wore a white long sleeve shirt and wore jeans the performance was great. and at the end of the song DTV kissed MT on the forehead.. i gave this performance a A++

3. Third was Ngoc Ha and Tran Thai Hoa.
this performace was okk i'm not a big fan of them but hey they tried so i give then a C+- there was a short skit FT NCKD NNN Kieu Linh and NNN's son.

4. This setting was like this one movie i forgot. It was sang by Tam Doan and Nhu Quynh.
Tam Doan Wore a Green Ao Dai with matching fan and NQ wore the white ao dai with a matching fan. it was great. i give this a A

5. this song was a lien khuc if i'm not mistaken sang by Phuong Hong Que and Thai Chau i took a bathroom break for this song. didnt really like it but i give them a C+ for trying and putting their best effort.

6. Khanh Ly and Tuan Ngoc it was an ok song i wasnt really watching what they were wearing i give it a B

7. This is one of my favorite song now. It was sang by Lynda and Tommy. i think they highlighted their hair different colors very nice dance move i love how they did the glow stick things. Welcome Back Lynda and Tommy i give thsi song a A+++

8. it was Bang Kieu and Minh Tuyet i think MT wore a goldish dress very cute and BK i forget. A

9. Che Linh and Truong Vu. Bathroom. C-

10. Loan Chau and Bao Han. the stage was very RED and they wore Red very cute. A

11. this was a Tan Co song. by Huong Thuy and NDT . it was emotional. ='[ i give it a B

12. Skit by Kevin HL and Chi Tai. A+++

13. a great performace by Thuy Van and Nguyen Hung great dance move. the first part of the song was i think Steve was dancing with Thuy Van so Nguyen Hung got jelous i think and started to fight with steve and then yea. i think this song was the song NL sang to close the song in 73. Hon Ghen i think. A++++

14.Ngoc Ha and Quang Le Ok performance. B

15. Ngoc Lien The Son great great great song. i love waht Ngoc Lien wore. it was a black dress with some pink i think. very cute. A

16. Thai Chau Bang Kieu Tuan Ngoc NT. and a bit of NNN. bathroom break.

17. Nhu Loan and TTH. great voice matched. the setting was like adam and eve. A++

18. Nhat Trung and the Dude who played the sax. it was ok song. it think this song had to do with Family i think.. ? B

19. Nguyen Hung and Luu Bich great great performace Luu Bich came from the bottom. A+++++++++ and yea i screamed i LOVE U at the end of the song.

20. NQ and MQ ok performace. NQ wore an Ao Dai.
-interview. MQ and NQ is having a Cai Luong DVD coming soon.

21. A great song by Ho Le Thu and The Son. i love the loi. HLT wore a pink dress with her hair. A++++++++++++++++++++ my mom wouldn't let me scream I Love u anymore so i had to scream Whooooooooo! lolz

22.Com Tim Dai Kho by Tu Quynh and LTQ if u have HLT's CD u know how the song goes. very good. A

23.Khanh Ha and Bang Kieu. BK sang in viet KH sang in french and viet.B

24. by LTQ and Thuy Tien . Thuy Tien wore Jeans White Ao So Mi. her hair was crimp very cute. i took a picture after the show hope i can scan it soon. shes very nice...A+++

25. This was by Adam and VQ i didnt like the way VQ dressed or her make up but her voice and adams voice is to DIE for. A

26. a great opening needs a great ending. the ending song was by LTQ , Tommy ,DTV , TQ , MT , TD , HLT , BH , Lynda. i love this ending everyone had a very cute and sexi outfit. A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

and all the singers came out and said bye to the fans. i went up stage to give flowers to HLT and gave her a big long hug and then i gave flowers to LB. she was very cute.

AFTER THE SHOW WAS DONE I WENT TO THE BACK DOOR AND TOOK A PICTURE WITH THUY TIEN WHILE WAITING FOR HLT. then HLT came out and me and her talked for a bit and then she talked to my mom. then my grandma. then it was the goodnight and good bye hug.

OVERALL: this was the greatest song ca show i have ever seen in my life. and i really enjoyed it.

holethulover -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/21/2005 1:35:28 PM)

lolz it was great the best.

NhuLoanFan4Eva -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/21/2005 2:48:33 PM)

I can't wait to see it then since its the best[:P] Do you know what Nhu Loan was wearing for her performances...well you said you couldn't remember what she was wearing in the opening, but what about her other performance...I can't wait to see her and TTH sing together![:D]

holethulover -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/21/2005 4:32:35 PM)

her song with TTH she wore a skin color dress and that was it. the opening it was like a shirt shirt that looked like it had flower designs and the bottom was pants that the tieghs and bellow was the color they were wearing. and something on their head

Nguyen567 -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/21/2005 5:38:46 PM)

was it a slow song?

NhuLoanFan4Eva -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/21/2005 5:39:06 PM)

Thanks Cindy! Ya, was her song with TTH like a fast-beat or a slow song since there were dancers? Sorry for asking a lot of questions, but I'm just curious[:P] And she probably wore a skin-colored dress because in the story of Adam and Eve, they were naked hahaha[:p] Just a guess though

I can't wait to see her performances!!!!!! I really wish she was in the ending song[V]...*sigh*

holethulover -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/21/2005 6:26:59 PM)

dont worry i love telling u guys about this. it was like a slow i thin i kinda forgot...sry.. there were dancers

NhuLoanFan4Eva -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/21/2005 6:33:32 PM)

Thanks Cindy!!![:)]

-SeductresS- -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/21/2005 10:46:59 PM)

Wow, from the reviews that I've read, I'm getting really excited about this video coming out. That is a complete surprise to me, having Loan Chau open instead of Bao Han, that is a complete surprise. From the clues that we got, I would have never thought about Loan Chau. But I love watching Nhu Loan performing with Loan Chau as well so it's all good. Ohmygawd!!! She sang with Tran Thai Hoa, my dream came true! Didn't I tell you guys that they should do a duet? Didn't I tell you guys? Didn't I!!!... hahaha... I'm so excited!!! However, I am a bit disappointed that Nhu Loan didn't get the chance to close the show also. Tam Doan got three songs, Minh Tuyet got three songs, Ho Le Thu got three songs plus she also did the opening. I wanted to see Nhu Loan close the show too. This is going to bother me. They better make it up some how. Other than that, I'm so excited about the release of this video. Especially her and Tran Thai Hoa!

P.S. Some of the guesses that people were making about the show were way off. Complete surprise performances. Glad to see that.

holethulover -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/22/2005 9:27:14 AM)

lolz trust me her 2 songs are good enuff lolz

NhuLoanFan4Eva -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/22/2005 9:58:41 AM)

hahaha ya, it bothered me too because I really wish Nhu Loan would have done the closing song also...but I still can't wait to see her duet with TTH...I always wanted them to duet too so I'm really excited to see this performance!

puppyLo16 -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/22/2005 2:27:42 PM)

The closing performance was energetic, the singers did some 70's disco dancing along with a brady bunch kind of song. I can't really imagine Nhu Loan doing that, could you?

NhuLoanFan4Eva -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/22/2005 6:48:42 PM)

I think Nhu Loan would have been perfect for the ending song because she is very engergetic and outgoing! She would have rocked the stage with all the other singers[:P]

xitaangel -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/23/2005 3:02:59 AM)

All of NhuLoan's fans seem to like her and TTH to duet,,,that's great ! I like them,,,and I think their performance is the best coordination . :)

Bach Tuyet -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/23/2005 6:25:35 AM)

i guess they sound good together but they never had the chance to have a duet together on stage. So everyone is excited obviosuly.

~NL4LIFE~ -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/23/2005 6:23:03 PM)

....[:0]KEWL!! i sooooooooooooooooo cannot wait till dis dvd comes out!!![:D] thnks 4 da reviews!!

NhuLoanFan4Eva -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/23/2005 6:40:23 PM)

I sooooooooooooooo can not wait either![:D]

Xitaangel - ya, we're really excited! This is their first time dueting together, so I can't wait to see how it will turn out...but of course, they did an awesome job[;)] Their voices are low, so they are the best coordination![:)]

My Truc -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/23/2005 10:17:45 PM)

All of this PBN 79 review is making me so eager for it to come out. Cant wait any longer!!!

NhuLoanFan4Eva -> RE: Paris by Night 79 Reviews (8/23/2005 10:26:05 PM)

I know! I want to watch it right now too! But we have to wait till Christmas to watch it[V] I hope they had an extra surprise feature, like a MTV or on stage performance of Nhu Loan and Bao Han, in the DVD when it releases

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