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108 Review - 5/31/2013 6:21:46 PM   


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Intro Song, Bon mua
This is such an awful intro. The dresses are just bad taste. Why the pink flowers at the bottom of Minh Tuyet's dress? Even the bow looks cheap. Ngoc Anh's dress is not any better, especially the tacky ruffles, and bad makeup? because she looks weird. The next girl shouldn't have her hair tied back so tight, and again the dress looks cheap, but a bit more tolerable. I had problem looking at Toc Tien's dress as well, the cut has potential, but spoiled by funny folds at the hip and the chest just doesn't look right (better sideway). The songs really dont go well together, it has a try-too-hard overall feel. It's about Time, not's trite if not down right unimaginative to use songs about the 4 seasons to introduce this theme.

Ky Duyen's dress is much better (now that's proper fashion designing), her hairdo is nice as well....but lady lady, why so much foundation? it looks like clay. You need a better makeup person.

The next song, The Son & Lam Anh is beautiful. The Son doesn't age much does he. He has a look of sinh vien VN. Love Lam Anh's dress too, simple and elegant, so is hair & makeup. Their voices gel well together.

Don Ho's performance is very good. He's always so artistic, i think it runs in his blood. Even without much background elaboration, it feels his voice, he made this song suit him.

Luong Tung Quang & Diem Suong - Their outfits are good, i almost have a problem with DS' shirt (if you could call it one), but her nice body makes it work. But the most important aspect is that it's not tacky. Good song, good voice match.

I have more hope for this dvd now after the bad intro. That lady with the crown is ugh....not the prettiest girl alive, how on earth did she win miss Hoa Hau?

Giang Tu - usually when a singer of his age goes on stage, i would kind of cringe, but not him (not yet anyways), there's still fresh air about him, and his voice is nice.

Luu Bich - I dont like her outfit, the metallic gold goes well with her hair, but the shirt is too loose and unflattering. It's a very typical performance from her, nothing stands out.

Khanh Lam - He needs a partner for me to get distracted....because i love his voice, just dont really enjoy looking at him.

Thanh Ha - I like it, it's very artistic, the setup translates the song very well. Love TH's black dress contrasted with the nude dancers in white veils. It conveys the lyrics well. Great lyrics. All the elements work together, and as i watch her, it feels as though she pulls me into the song with her eyes.

Trinh Lam - Good song, good voice. I just dont like the way he dressed. I think that's more LTQ's style. He would look a lot better if dressed more formal.

Nhu Quynh - A flawless performance. Her voice is impeccable as always. Her dress is breathtakingly beautiful. Love her braided hair, nude makeup, ....everything is so beautiful about this song and about her. She deserves to be so well beloved.

Huong Thuy - Not bad...I guess she wants to do her hair for a change (even though it makes her look a bit artificial). She's sweet and classy as always. Nice song, nice non la' dance.

Ha Vy - same as HT. nice song, nice tribal dance. She seems natural at it.

Dinh Bao - Oh my goodness, is he related to Tuan Ngoc? His voice and even his movements seem so much like TN's. He seems a bit aloof and too jazzy for my liking though.

Bang Kieu - His voice melts my heart. I could imagine myself drifting in heaven while listening to him....he lifts me there and gently carry me down back and up again....I'm overwhelmed. He's just so good, unbelievably good. He fills your soul and stirs your emotions with each note he sung.

Mai Thien Van - BK & MTV deserve to be crowned as king and queen of the Vietnamese music world. Her voice transforms an old trite song into a classic. She makes it beautiful and melodious like i've never heard before. Her voice could always make the lyrics seem closer to you, closer to your own experience. She has such a classy voice, it's always enchanting to hear her sing.

Mai Tien Dung - He's always cool. Always inventive and trendy. Great upbeat song. Everything is perfect.

Minh Tuyet - much better outfit than the tacky intro dress, the song is right in her elements, her signature style of performance, but it's still entertaining to watch. love her voice because it has a vulnerable, passionate quality in it.

Quynh Vi & Tran Thai Hoa - haven't seen QV this lovely in a long time, love the loose braid & turquoise ao dai, the connection between the duet could be improved, but nice and sweet overall.

Thien Ton - I know his voice is great, he could go into high range effortlessly, but he doesn't quite move me like the way Bang Kieu could. Maybe because he just have such a placid look about him. The shaved head doesn't help either, it's like listening to a monk sing, i couldn't relate or feel anything.

Nhu Loan & Nguyen Hung - very cute, great chemistry, would have been more fun if NH dyed his hair white or something to make their age disparity more apparent. But overall, great dancing and thoroughly enjoyable. NL is always kawaii and advice though, please don't ever let a guy jump over your head again in the future, it just doesn't look very dignify.

Mai Thien Van & Duy Truong - I love MTV's voice too much to complain, think Ngoc Ha would have matched better with Duy Truong though, it's hard to get pass their age difference. Good to have some tan co even though there are some parts that sound funny, but great acting and great vocal quality.

Why does chu Ngan intro the male before the female? It should always be female first.

Ky Phuong Uyen & Anh Tu - Awful chemistry, Anh Tu seems so absorbed in his own performance with little regard for his partner. Even though his voice is very good. KPU's expression is good, just enough to convey the song, but not exaggerated or lack feeling. Dressed better too.

Thu Phuong - Good performance, good song, i guess i am not a fan of TP because i find her voice too kha`n, but others might like it.

Quang Le - Another decent performance, good song, not a fan of QL either, i guess it's hard to sing this song just because the melodies don't give you much time to breathe, i find it hard to feel the lyrics. And i have a problem with QL saying it has been a long time since he sung a quality song from nhac si HTT, does that mean all the recent songs he have been singing are low quality? tsk tsk

Anh Minh - beautiful dress & hairdo, express the song well, she owns every song she sung, her eyeshadow is too dark for her features, it makes her eyes look hollow, lighter color would have been better.

Ngoc Anh - she used to look a lot more beautiful, i wonder if it's the hairband or something but she doesn't look natural, her look reminds me of ba Hanh Phuoc, and the eyelashes are too thick. But i really love the background with the beach sand and the 2 dancers. Great artistry. Good song, good voice, just need to look less fake.

Toc Tien - The song ****s terribly much, the lyrics is gibberish and the melody is kind of lame. I had high hope for this song because it's TT and it's the final performance, but i was disappointed. The setup is good for a finale, great costumes, dancing, cinderella theme, and TT is always sweet and has the ability to make everything ordinary special, but the song wasn't worth it.

Who ever wrote "All great things can last forever"? ...because it's not true at all, there are much better quotes about Time out there.

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RE: 108 Review - 6/3/2013 2:52:26 PM   


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take a careful look ! Hoa Hau Bich Lien has won Mrs (not Miss) Asia USA International 2012.

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RE: 108 Review - 6/4/2013 7:51:03 AM   


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Lần này bác Ngạn viết kịch bản đá giò lái hoa hậu Bích Liên. Phải công nhận Bích Liên nhìn ... sợ thiệt. Vậy mà cũng là hoa hậu.

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RE: 108 Review - 6/4/2013 8:18:06 AM   


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... Phải công nhận Bích Liên nhìn ... sợ thiệt. Vậy mà cũng là hoa hậu.


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RE: 108 Review - 6/4/2013 4:59:37 PM   


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I only watched half way through Kich, so couldn't give it a fair review, but i thought it wasn't that funny, i notice there are always jokes about the tendency of vietnamese being boastful in most of the skits, it gets kind of old. I rather watch cai luong clips about Thuy Kieu, or Truc Anh Dai or some kich that teaches kids about Vietnamese history? Such as 2 Ba` Trung, Tran Hung Dao, Phu Dong or Son Tinh Thuy Tinh? There are so many great Vietnamese legends and heroes. Would also be a nice change to have some kids on the stage, like be' Melody and Beckam in the skit? They could perform skits about Cay Da Chu' Cuoi, or Con Co'c telling you the weather forecast, or An Khe Tra Vang, etc....Just some ideas for future shows!

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RE: 108 Review - 6/5/2013 8:20:35 AM   


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PBN100, Now we're talking. What I'm trying to say is people need to separate a the word "Review" and "Feedback" when it comes artistic. You can't compare a product such as PBN to a product you bought or used online such as a digital camera, hotel or restaurant. You're untitled to render your review after using these products because the feedback you're providing doesn't need skill to render, all you need is common sense of level of service at a restaurant, the quality of the dishes you've tasted, the level of staff service at a hotel, the cleanliness of the hotel ect... But when it comes to rendering a feedback on an artistic product, a typical viewer like myself could only go as far as the lighting quality is too dark, the audio is not up to par/not clear/not loud enough, the stage design is not elegant enough, the songs choice is not up to date, only old song choices etc... but it stops there. However, I can't critic an artist's singing technique or vocal skill because I'm not qualified to do so, I could only say I like that song because of its lyrics, meaning, melody, arrangement that fit my taste. The taste of music has multiple levels, just because your taste is at a certain level doesn't mean the song was bad or the artist was bad. People who could eat raw fishes love sushi, people who like meat love burgers!!! If you attended a party where they only serve seafood, the meat lovers of course will provide a negative feedback about the food at that party.

Khi chung ta bat dau "Binh Pham" nguoi lam nghe thuat bang cai nhin khong chuyen nghiep hoac bang cam tinh cua minh thi khong nen va khong dung. The producers have their standards and goals to achieve with each of the artists working with Thuy Nga, producers want to test and push the artist's limit to know what type of skill set that artist has. This is why sometime it took a several years for a new artist to hit his/her potential and click with the audience. Also keep in mind that what we're hearing at home is the artist's pre-recorded voice with studio enhancement for productions. To hear their real voice, potential you should try to attend his/her live concert if you have a chance or really care about that certain artist. So, the DVD productions primary target is our entertainment purpose, not to indulge our senses. DVD products should not be the only method to gauge an artist's talent, some artists are excellent performers on with the cameras, but not so well with the live audience and vice verse. Some people do well on tests and some people do well with live presentations/hand on applications. "True" vocal ability could only be judge by listening to them in live concerts.

To sum it up, Thuy Nga is still the best Vietnamese music production in the World. Some people may disagreed because of reasons other than artistic. Any sensable productions company not just Thuy Nga must/will encourages its audiences to render constructive feedback for their own sake. I enjoy talking to most of the people in this forum compare to other political forums you know who I'm talking about right???

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RE: 108 Review - 6/5/2013 8:24:08 AM   


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Oh, BTW if you already got your ticket for Thuy Nga's 30 Anniversary taping in Vegas next month, I'll see you there. If you haven't bought your tickets, then what are you waiting for??? This should be Thuy Nga's best productions in recent years, don't miss it. Killing two birds with one stone, spending the 4th of July in the brightest and fun-filled city in the World and a chance to be a part of history, witnessing the live taping of Thuy Nga's 30th Anniversary, it only happens once in your life time. Nhung gi lam duoc hom nay cho de ngay mai, life is too short to live with regrets.

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